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The curve was REAL!! Lmaooooo!!

I’ve never seen a curve this powerful…



The curve was REAL!! Lmaooooo!!

I’ve never seen a curve this powerful…

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the hardest part about breaking up with someone is it’s like you’re breaking up with their pets too.

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bored marines

they’re freedom worms

it’s really heartening to know that even big tough marine dudes do the sleeping bag thing

i like how in the first GIF he just kind rolls and plops off his bed, and then other people join him in the thing

im joining the marines

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australians dont have sex

australians mate

I spat out my coffee

sorry about your image

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That was so beautiful


That was so beautiful

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"Badass Versions of Beloved Characters"

by Sylvain Sarrailh:

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So you were born backwards.
Your heart covers 80% of your skin.
It is huge—and it is fragile.
You don’t know how to chain-link fence your feelings.
You will find your trust abandoned and bruised on the side of the road—
Do not leave it there—
Dust it off and put it right back under your shirt.

If you don’t learn to stop apologizing for yourself,
you will mirage out of existence.
See, someday, that 80% is gonna get you hurt.
You will tell a woman over and over that you love her,
and she will say nothing.
You will sob in public,
and people will just stare.

They will want to carve their names into you
and watch as the pieces fall off—
let them try.
Your heart is a geiser and for that you will always feel strange.
Most people shut down when they get over saturated with feeling;
most people harden into hate
- into indifference -
because the biggest risk we ever take is to love without fear.

You are not afraid.
You are a cathedral waiting to be filled with hymns;
you are an infinite playground;
you are sky-bound and sprinting,
so cover your heart in goose-bump armor.
It will only beat stronger,
beat louder.

Keep hoping.
Stand up on subways and shout compliments to strangers,
dance, poorly, in public if it makes you feel better.
Love until it hurts.
Then love more—you know how.

There will be days when you’ll wish you were numb;
when you’ll want to rip your heart off your body
and find something easier to take its place.
Collect those days like bricks
and marvel at the buildings you will make.
Stand on top, chest open, head up—
Nobody will ever see the world like you do.

Never try to be better than the best version of you.
You are not perfect.
You are perfectly human

Miles Walser, “Perfectly Human” (via pigmenting)